Discussion Questions for Invisible Kids

  1. Identify the gaps in the foster care system that ultimately led to the death of Marcus Fiesel.
  2. Discuss changes to the system that might be made in order to protect more vulnerable children.
  3. Do you think children are removed too quickly from their biological parents for reason of abuse or neglect or do you think too many are left too long with compromised parents?
  4. Do you think the foster care system fails or succeeds more often? Why or why not?
  5. What do you think can be done to improve the foster care system?
  6. What role does the media play in public opinion regarding foster care and child abuse?
  7. Child welfare agencies are reporting more horrendous cases of child abuse than in years past.  What factors might contribute to the increased severity of child abuse?
  8. Do you think the rights of parents supercede the rights of children? Why or why not?
  9. Discuss ways to involve entire communities in the crises facing foster children.
  10. Discuss the role of foster parents. Would you consider fostering or adopting a child? Why or why not?


Discussion Questions for Buddy

  1. What did you envision as Buddy’s race? What about the race of other characters?
  2. Have your thoughts about infants and toddlers changed since reading Buddy? If so, how?
  3. Discuss key points in the book where decisions were made about where Buddy would live. Would you have made the same or different decisions and why?
  4. Is blood thicker than water? Why or why not?
  5. What adjectives would you use to describe Buddy?
  6. What adjectives would you use to describe the foster care system?
  7. Do you think most foster parents ‘do it’ for the money?
  8. What surprised you the most about the way the foster care system functions?
  9. Has your opinion of caseworkers changed since reading Buddy?
  10. Discuss three ways you can help kids in foster care.